SEDAR Services

SEDAR is the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval, the electronic filing system for the disclosure documents of public companies and investment funds across Canada.

All Canadian public companies and investment funds are generally required to file their documents in the SEDAR system. In addition, some third parties who are involved in public company transactions such as take-over bids or proxy contests may be required to file. CDS INC., a subsidiary of the Canadian Depository for Securities Limited, manages the SEDAR system on behalf of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA).

M2 Compliance SEDAR services include:

  • Convert your documents into required SEDAR formats
  • Send you a proof of the filing for your approval
  • Make any required changes and file your document with SEDAR
  • Provide confirmation that your document was accepted
  • Provide you with information on filing fees, deadlines and document formatting
SEDAR Filling Services


There are a variety of filing fees applicable to SEDAR filers:

  • Annual SEDAR and SEDI filing fees. These fees are for using the SEDAR and SEDI systems and are due when Annual Financial Statements are submitted to SEDAR. These fees are based on a several variables; visit the SEDAR site to learn more about SEDAR annual fees
  • Annual securities commission filing fees. An annual fee is applicable for each jurisdiction a filer reports to. Fees vary across jurisdictions. Securities commission filing fees are due when Annual Financial Statements are submitted via SEDAR.
If an issuer reports to the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) it must complete and submit with its Annual Financial Statements a Form 13-502 variant. This form determines the amount of fees payable to the OSC. These forms can be downloaded from the OSC web site
  • Filing specific fees. Certain SEDAR filings require a fee to be transmitted when they are filed. These fees vary based on the filing type and the reporting jurisdictions. The filer should contact M2 Compliance prior to the date of the filing in order to determine the total amount of fees
Paying Filing Fees

All fees are paid electronically from M2 Compliance Canadian EDI bank account at the time of filing. The issuer must submit a WIRE in CANADIAN DOLLARS or issue a check for the total of all fees payable to M2 Compliance Incorporated prior to any filing. An invoice including our fees will be issued to the filer showing the disbursement of funds.

XBRL Filings

SEDAR allows the use of voluntary XBRL filings. However, filings in XBRL cannot substitute regular SEDAR filings and must be submitted with regular annual SEDAR filings.

SEDAR Resources

For questions concerning filing standards or requirements, please refer to the SEDAR Filing Manual.

SEDAR's hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 7am to 11pm ET; it is closed on all Canadian statutory holidays. Users of the SEDAR system can only perform such tasks such as submitting filings or downloading profiles during these hours. M2 Compliance production is available 24/7.

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