Printing Services

M2 Compliance offers one of the largest fulfillment centers of corporate financial and proxy material. We pride ourselves on having our typeset, design, print and fulfillment operations under one roof. Our solution combines "Intelligent Document Code" that allows us to run procedures automatically on books of any size.

Printing includes

  • Proxy Statements
  • Quarterly Statements & Earnings Information
  • Annual Shareholder Meeting Material
  • Prospectuses

Our dedicated team will manage the whole process, giving you a single point of contact, from typesetting to mailing, delivering the exact standards you expect and require.

Typesetting Services

M2 Compliance uses a state of the art single source typesetting system. We understand the importance of having your documents prepared not only for print, but also to meet any online requirements. Our automated typeset technology offers accurate proofs and revisions on your annual reports, private placement memorandums and quarterly reports.

Key Typesetting Benefits

  • Dedicated account management during the entire process
  • We maintain content in our single-source typesetting system
  • Single-source publishing to PDF, HTML and other publishing formats
  • Ability to make last minute edits to same-day filings and typeset proofs
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