XBRL Tagging Services

M2 Compliance provides the fastest turnaround time for XBRL at the most competitive rates while increasing the quality and transparency of your financial statements in a computer-readable format. The combination of our web-based technology, remarkable turnaround time and dedicated staff guarantees to provide the highest caliber of service on all your XBRL filings.

Our in-house accountants and XBRL specialists will streamline the entire process for you and communicate with your staff, attorney and relevant others throughout every step of the process. At M2 Compliance, your information is always reviewed by our CPAs followed by a thorough analysis through automated channels in order to ensure that your financials have been tagged accurately before submission with the SEC according to US GAAP.

XBRL Tagging Services

Benefits of XBRL:

The Securities and Exchange Commission requires public companies of all sizes to submit their financial statements in XBRL format, resulting in a higher level of quality in the information provided to investors, shareholders, analysts and the financial community. In addition, XBRL is a helpful tool that simplifies the process of data collection for external and internal reporting purposes.

The idea behind tagging financial information using XBRL is to translate certain items relevant to the company such as currency, calendar year, reporting period and more in order to provide full transparency and disclosure of financial statistics. However, the process of document conversion into XBRL requires an extensive amount of time, labor-force and training in order to fulfill the required guidelines from the Securities and Exchange Commission. With M2 Compliance you will be provided a single-point solution for all your XBRL requirements and SEC-related-filings.

Advantages of our XBRL solution include:

  • Highly structured financials, in compliance with the rules and regulations from the SEC, guaranteed to expedite the streamline of your information to capital markets and potential investors
  • Increased transparency and quality standards on your interactive data which will allow investors, shareholders, prospects and the general public to easily search and download your information from the web
  • Detailed XBRL Tagging resulting in accurate financial reporting that will not only enhance your company profile but also will provide confidence and trust to prospects and shareholders

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