M2 Compliance® to Sponsor the 19th Annual B. Riley FBR Investor Conference

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- M2 Compliance® ("M2"), www.m2compliance.com, a world-leading filing agent registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and full-service provider of EDGAR, XBRL, Inline XBRL (iXBRL) and print- related services, announced today its participation as a sponsor of the 19th Annual B. Riley FBR Investor Conference held at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, California between May 23-24, 2018.

M2 Compliance® is known for its UNLIMITED EDGAR & XBRL PROGRAM for $4,995 per year, a revolutionary product for publicly traded companies and reporting issuers required to file electronic forms and disclosures to the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission "SEC". M2 has been in business for nearly 10 years and has saved over $5,000,000 to clients combined when compared to the fees they would have spent with other providers. M2's UNLIMITED program was created to serve public companies with a market cap less than 500M and to bring the pricing down across the industry, all while delivering expedited turnaround times, 24/7 service, and reliable data in compliance with the latest SEC guidelines.

"For years, public companies have been gouged by other filing agents by excessive charges for per page rates, changes, and other fees for any part of the production process. The cost reductions are important but not as important as the quality of service, that's why we hold a 99% retention rate with clients and represent 1/4 of all public companies with a market cap under 500M to date. It is our mission to provide an improved service offering and reduce reporting costs significantly," said David McGuire, Founder & CEO of M2.

M2 Compliance® has been recognized as the exclusive provider and original creator of the UNLIMITED EDGAR & XBRL PROGRAM which offers a full-service platform for EDGAR & XBRL filings and includes author's alterations, images, exhibits, financial tables, last-minute changes, rushed orders, weekend processing, and everything else required for EDGAR & XBRL, all without any hidden fees and without any compromise on service. M2 does offer UNLIMITED programs for companies that have a market cap above 500M, but these are based on customized quotes.

About the 19th Annual B. Riley FBR Investor Conference - a message from B. Riley:

For nearly 20 years, our firm has been bringing investors and companies together under the same roof, in order to deliver unique and rich business development opportunities to both audiences. Our primary objective has always been to uncover and present new and compelling investment ideas, while continually improving the attendee experience year over year. As our 19th Annual Investor Conference approaches, we reflect on our recent growth and the ongoing reinvention of our firm. We are truly excited by the level of service and value we are able to offer attendees and clients at this event and throughout the year. 2017 was a pivotal year for B. Riley Financial (B. Riley), which announced several acquisitions, including the acquisition-merger of FBR Capital Markets & Co. (FBR), creating B. Riley FBR, Inc. Operating as one combined entity makes B. Riley FBR an industry leader in the small-cap investment banking and brokerage space. The combined firm has over 40 years of collective industry experience, makes markets in over 1,500 securities, covers 1,200 institutional clients and has approximately 520 names under research coverage. Since the merger, and just as before, we have been committed to building upon our firm's market leadership and deep industry capital markets expertise in order to deliver the level of service our clients have come to expect.

Additionally in 2017, B. Riley acquired Wunderlich Securities, Inc., a full-service investment banking and brokerage firm; as well as announced its proposed acquisition of magicJack VocalTec, Ltd. In early 2018, B. Riley announced a 29% investment in shares of bebe stores, inc. Both, magicJack and bebe are anticipated to be held under B. Riley's subsidiary, B. Riley Principal Investments, LLC, the entity that currently owns and operates United Online, Inc. These acquisitions are exciting because, aside from expanding the firm, they are illustrative of our core strategy to leverage cross-firm experience and industry expertise in order to provide synergistic opportunities and tailored financial solutions to enhance client and shareholder value.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, attendees and clients for their support throughout the years. Our partnerships have enabled us to grow together and preserve our legacy.

We hope that your time in Santa Monica is filled with great idea sharing, valuable relationship building and unparalleled opportunities. The B. Riley FBR team is always here to help as you strive to achieve your business goals. In order to ensure that your conference needs are met, we encourage you to contact us at conference@brileyfbr.com

About M2 Compliance®

M2 Compliance® is a full-service financial filing and printing firm and a leading partner for all your EDGAR & XBRL filing needs. With hundreds of public company clients, M2 is one of the fastest-growing regulatory compliance companies worldwide. M2 partners with customers to provide the knowledge and service necessary to meet the SEC's ever-changing filing regulations. M2 provides high-quality, cost-effective compliance filings and production services, including EDGAR filings, typesetting, XBRL tagging, financial printing, Inline XBRL, Section 16 filings, investment management services, drafting sessions, compliance hosting and more. For more information visit: www.m2compliance.com

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