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Item 8.01    Other Events. 

Earth Science Tech, Inc. (“the Company”) is presently engaged in a legal controversy with one of its suppliers, Cromogen, Cromogen’s principals and a related company. Cromogen did not perform in accordance with its contract for supplying hemp oil in terms of timing, quality and consistency in the opinion of the company as a result of which the company notified Cromogen. At the same time and because the commitment to arbitrate extends only to the companies involved, the company has filed a legal action in the courts of Florida in which the principals of Cromogen have been named as Defendants and wherein fraud is alleged in connection with Cromogen’s representations regarding the formulation and quality of the hemp oil it supplied and damages sought accordingly. (It is to be noted that, although the lack of performance by Cromogen has engendered litigation, the company has secured alternative sources for hemp oil and will mitigate its damages to the extent possible as a practical and legal matter). Cromogen, under the terms of the contract, demurred and filed for arbitration. That arbitration, in its very early stages, is now pending in New York (as the contract provided).  Cromogen is claiming alleged damages of a direct and consequential nature. The company will be counterclaiming for damages sustained as a proximate result of deficient and defective performance.

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Ultimate Novelty Sports, Inc.
Dated: January 08, 2015
/s/ Harvey Katz
Harvey Katz
Title: President