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Website Services

M2 Compliance offers an innovative solution to your web-posting requirements that will simplify the search of your filings by implementing a custom-built webpage on your corporate website. In addition, we will incorporate special features to enhance your interactive data and make it easier for the public to analyze your company.

We understand the importance of keeping your information safe and private, therefore we do not require access to your website domain. Instead we will provide you with a URL which will be embedded on your Investor Relations tab or similar webpage. Key advantages include:

  • News Headlines
  • XBRL – PDF – HTML Viewer
  • Up to 2 Years of Historical Filing Data
  • Automatic Updates After Every Filing

Our goal is to maximize your business by presenting your regulatory filings to the public in a clean and professional format instead of redirecting the user to a third party software. It's imperative to keep your interactive data posted for at least 12 months in order to comply with the SEC's web-posting regulations as you cannot simply hyperlink your filings history from another network (including the SEC's database) into your website.

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