Stock transfer

Why choose Transfer Online™ as your transfer agent?

Our commitment

Bull Transfer Online™ is keenly focused on providing excellence in customer service to its clients, for every transaction, every time. We achieve this with a balance of our core values: accuracy, fast and friendly service, value and regulatory compliance. Our commitment is one that you can trust.

Our technology

Transfer Online™ was the first to develop a web-based system for stock and shareholder management. We’ve now been developing comprehensive software systems to enhance the delivery of our services for over a decade. Technology permeates our business, from websites to back-office applications.Businesses do not necessarily operate at set hours or time zones anymore – and neither do most of the corporate officers who run them. To keep pace with a constantly changing world, Transfer Online™ focuses on utilizing modern technology to offer the most convenient and effective service, accessible to clients online at any time.Our breadth of services
Can your current Transfer Agent offer these services online?Transfer Online™ is not just a world class transfer agent and registrar–we aim to offer a variety of value added services to augment the success of your business. As we continue to grow, so will our product offerings, making Transfer Online™ your one stop shop for issuer services.Empower your shareholder relations and corporate recordkeeping capabilities. Contact us for a detailed, custom quote for our services.View Transfer Online’s special offer for SEC Compliance Clients