Compliance Hosting

SEC Compliance understands that increased disclosure requirements can become over complicated and exhausting. Our teams specialize in maximizing efficiency and simplifying the end product for our customers.The requires registrants to post their XBRL files to their corporate Web site, if one is available, on the same day they submit or are required to submit the XBRL exhibit, whichever is earlier and the data must be made available for one year after the posting. SEC Compliance has been precursor of this service with experience from day one when the requirement was made compulsory.

SEC Compliance offers a complete turnkey solution for your XBRL and EDGAR posting needs that includes additional Shareholder platforms. We provision up to two years of filings both in XBRL and EDGAR in our setup and include Stock Performance data with news feed. We can work together with you to make sure our services are tailored according to your requirements.

Compliance Hosting Example

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