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Background on 10-K

A form 10-K is a detailed annual report that includes critical information on the financial position and day-to-day operations of a company that must follow a variety of reporting requirements including EDGAR and XBRL. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, public companies trading in the US stock market are required to submit their 10-K within 90 days for non-accelerated filers, 75 days for accelerated filers and 60 days for large accelerated filers after their fiscal year end. A company's 10-K includes all the needed information to buy or sell shares of stock in a corporation from an investor's standpoint.

The Securities and Exchange Commission requires the disclosure of 10-Ks in order to provide the financial community with easy access to information on a company's history, organizational structure, equity, subsidiaries, industry, risks, audited financial statements and legal proceedings, amongst other important elements. A form 10-K includes several sections called "items" that are broken up into 4 different parts:

  • Part 1describes the main features of the company and the business.
  • Part 2 focuses on the company's financial results of operations. This also includes the company's management discussion and analysis (MD&A).
  • Part 3 concentrates on corporate governance issues.
  • Part 4 contains exhibits, including the company's audited financial statements.

In addition, all 10-Ks must comply with the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Sarbanes-Oxley regulation, which represents the acknowledgment of corporate management certifying the results provided in the annual report. As a result of this process auditors include a final statement on the 10-K with the goal to deliver complete and accurate information to investors, analysts and general public.

10-K Extension

If an annual report (10-K) is not submitted within the required time period after a company's fiscal year end, then a Form 12b-25 also known as NT 10-K must be filed with the SEC disclosing its inability to file the 10-K on time as well as the reason for the delay. The SEC will accept a company's annual report as long as the Form 12b-25 is submitted within 24 hours of the original deadline and the 10-K is filed on the 15th calendar year.

10-K Amendment

If a company has any alterations or changes to the 10-K after it has been posted on the SEC's website and the EDGAR system, then an amendment is generated and filed with the SEC. Investors need to be aware that it is not unusual for a company to file a 10-K/A. It is advised to thoroughly analyze any new amendments and make sure that the information provided is consistent with the 10-K.

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